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Welcome to the new and
improved Spencer's
Farm Home page
I want to make it easy for you to
find the equipment and
ingredients you need to try soap
or lotion making on your own.  
To that effect, I have added an
Amazon store to take you directly
to everything you might need.
Just click the
Store link in my
navigation bar above.
Etsy Store:
Lotion, Soap, Felted
soap, Nuno Scarves,  
Limited edition prints,
Handmade dolls
Books by S.G.Spencer
  • The Survival Manual for
    Puppies and Their
Visit my Art Gallery at:
If you ever wanted to learn Soap or
Lotion Making, You are at the right
Class Schedule HERE
The latest news about my
I have been invited to demonstrate my
tools and techniques of scratchboard
portraits at the 4th Annual
International Scratchboard Exhibit.

See my art in person at:
  • The Fayetteville Library in the
    Art's Center Cabinet on the First
  • In Huntsville, at Lowe Mill, 2nd
    Floor, North Wing, in the
    Huntsville Art League Gallery
  • In Huntsville, at Harrison
    Brother's Gallery, On the
    Square in Downtown Huntsville.
    (they also carry my felted soap)
  • In Fredrick, Maryland at the
    Delapane Gallery from June 27
    through July 26, 2015.
Click any of the drawings on this page
to learn more
Jada ROX Designs

Your go-to place for totally customizable greeting cards.  All the artwork is done by my new grand
daughter.  Hopefully, this will catch on and the rest of the grand children will gravitate toward artwork.