It's Here!!!!
Making Goat Milk Soap with
Spencer's Farm            
* ATTENTION! * This soap making DVD is currently SOLD
OUT! Please be patient. The second production phase of
this product will begin soon. Please check back for further
updates. Thank you.
Learn Goat Milk Soap Making from
The Goat Milk Soap Goddess herself.

You will learn Cold Process method,
Hot Process method and a simple
method of Rebatching soap. (also
known as French Milling.)

The DVD is indexed so you can go
directly to the method you prefer to
learn, or watch one method over and
over until you are comfortable that
YOU CAN make goat milk soap like a

There is a handy instruction book and
3 tried and true soap recipes. The
book contains instructions for finding
existing soap recipes and for making
your very own recipes.  

This DVD is made especially for the
small soap maker who wants to just
make a few pounds of soap for their
friends and family without spending a
fortune on fancy ingredients and
equipment.  Yes, this DVD was made
for you!