The Look has been accepted into the
very exclusive 4th Annual International
Scratchboard Exhibition held at the
Delapane Gallery in Fredrick Maryland
this year.

The original will be offered for sale at
$500 and prints are always available at
my website at
The Look                                                   by S.G.Spencer
The Look
Original: 8" x 10" Ampersand
Reference photo by Chi Chi on Wiki

My family always had cats, and after
leaving home and going out on my
own, I also have had a long procession
of cats. I currently have three; two
Siamese and one bobtailed tabby cat.
Only one thing is always the same
about cats...THAT look of disdain they
give you when you just don't live up to
their high expectations.  I was really
glad to find a photo that truly captured
that universal cat expression. I had to
do a scratchboard of it in honor of all
the wonderful, dissapproving cats I
have known and loved. :-)